HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!
The last post of these memes went over so bien, que BB decided to do another one.
Ok si, this one isn't so fonii, pero neither is the current situation,
 so let us try to remedy eso with some chuckles shall we?


Never try to limit a Beauty.

BB has no idea what's being said, but who doesn't love Bugs?

Babushka wants to take this time to say 1000x Gracias to everyone who's gone back to work and to all Frontliners. For her part, staying home can be a bit mind numbing, so de corazon, know y'all are truly appreciated.

Can we be free??
(Soon a post of Spanish Memes)


May this Sunday Smile start your semana with a few chuckles. 
And know that joy overcomes jerks.


Babushka Besos a todos. Cuidensen.

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HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!
Y'all know the saying, "Give and you shall receive."?  Bueno, BB wouldn't mind winning este! 
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August ususually means back to school and pumpkin spice lattes! We're bringing you a chance to win $100 Starbucks gift card to relax while the kids are at school! Grab your chance to win below, and be sure to visit some of the amazing bloggers that have joined us to make this event possible.

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Buena Suerte Beautifuls!

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Sunday Smiles #Anime #Animation #COVID19 #JUSOFONII #ComicRelief 7.26.2020

HolaHolaHola Beautifuls! 
宽客猫APP下载- 全方位下载:2021-3-9 · 宽客猫安卓版给大家提供当下最新热点交易行情,各种最新指数数据,专业化的学习,让你轻松从小白学起。专业课程,独家指标,互动交流,为您打开量化交易之窗,提供应有尽有的专业化的交易辅助工具,从零基础到专业交易员的的交易学习
This is dedicated to The Grands, in particular the dos mas viejo, El Dr. and PicaPica. 
Pandemic Panic is tolerable if we learn to say JU SO FONII to current conditions and remember to find the humor in cosas. For BB's parte, this week we see how even the muñequitos are marchando with the worldwide waltz.

At first BB didn't get this one...
黑岩阅读app下载_黑岩阅读app安卓版下载_情书手游:2021-2-11 · 《黑岩阅读app》这是一款有着特色互动活动打造的小说阅读软件,其中页面布清爽,榜单的栏目更是有着多样的分类,能够带来优质的查阅筛选效果,对于书荒的朋友而言可以从中参照阅读,找寻 …

Sadly, so true!

Even sadder. At least they're trying to educate the youngsters...

Ahora, let's go to something more BB's style-

Jasmine es Bella no Boba.


Washing Manos, definitivamente the Bare Necessities.
Y si, BB had to.  😉

And speaking of bears...

As for Casa BB...
Babushka lives on Level 2, aunque the other niveles do pop up sometimes.

And you Beautifuls?? What Level are you living?
Whichever it is, know there is ALWAYS 
something to smile about.

Babushka Besos a todos. Cuidensen.




HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!
After BB's last post about ENFI下载器 - 一款通用型高速下载工具:2021-1-19 · ENFI下载器,一款通用型高速下载工具。使用P2P下载技术,支持HTTP,BT,磁力链等各种协议,高速下载让你摆脱限速的困扰,从此告别低速。, she figured what better subject for a Sunday Smile than her home state de Florida?  So here are just a few fun Florida Corona memes.

Ya saw this one coming didn't ya?
新一代WiFi 6路由:华硕RT-AX86U巨齿鲨评测_原创_新浪众测:2021-5-13 · 新一代WiFi 6路由:华硕RT-AX86U巨齿鲨评测由新浪众测网友发布的高质量的生活指南类内容,本文是作者亲身的原创评测体验,为帮助其他网友提供客观中立的消费指南。

That's about the right length, unless of course it was 11 foot, 650 pound Wakulla's Big Joe .
And speaking of Wakulla, a nod to BB's home town Up North in The South-

Bet lots of neighbors have family fotos like this,
not only here, porque BB can see lots of quince dresses coming out of storage...

BB's ode to her hometown Miami.

It's the heat. We definitivamente think differently. 

Florida Memes- Feibu

But BB want to live anywhere else?

Babushka Besos a todos.  Cuidensen.

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#TBT - Midnight Muse

HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!

The following was one of BB's first posts back in 2011. Wow and Woah. Si, it's been that long. Some things have changed, like the colored font, more Spanglish, but the Midnite Muse still beckons for her nightimes conversations...  hope you enjoy this BB Bounceback.

Midnite, la medianoche, on Tuesdays, this is the time my Muse decides to be a minx and starts to meander in my mind.

Never mind that I know BB's blog comes out every Wednesday. Never you mind I need complete quiet... maybe that's part of the problem. Complete quiet? In a Cuban household? All together now-JU SO FONI !!!

I actually was able to have a post written a week before time, but that's like losing 5 pounds before the holidays. You lose it to look good but then start partying and gain back the 5 plus an extra 10 pounds. The time I wrote the early post I was up South, but I've been with family in Miami for almost a month now so I've gained those 10 pounds figuratively and literally.

Seriously though, what is it about waiting until the last momento? Is it perspiration over procastination that thrills me, or am I waiting for a better subject for my post? Perhaps it's both. I'm Cuban, so I'm always in a hurry to savor the good things in life. I know, Extreming.

My Midnite Muse- of course being Cuban she isn't always punctual. If I'm lucky she'll be running on time (which for Cubans is an hour late), if it's a milagro she'll be running American time (which is the actual time specified) but for the most part she starts cooking around 2 a.m. Si, 2 a.m. This is the hour she's had her cafecito and is positive hers is the only voice I hear.

Aha, a true CAP pero que vamos hacer?
Es mia, she's mine-

and besides, she's brilliant.

; )

小鸡模拟器app下载_小鸡模拟器app安卓版下载v1.7.6.6-游侠手游:2021-3-27 · 游侠手游为你提供小鸡模拟器app安卓版下载。小鸡模拟器app是一款游戏模拟器,专门为经典游戏的忠实爱好者倾情打造,复刻多款经典游戏让你寻找童年。找到从前在街机面前拳皇pk的热血,在103号道路上碰到的小精灵。和超级马里奥一起闯过的关卡,这一切的一切都在小鸡模拟器等你。

P.S. Beautifuls, her name is Marta.

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Sunday Smiles #2020 #TimeTravel #COVID19 #JUSOFONII #ComicRelief 7.12.2020

HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!

So far 2020 has been a doozie. Best thing that's come out of it is how fast it's going.
Weird how it's dragging, yet bolando at the same time. Si, BB knows, she says that every year and with age it's even mas. Pero honestamente, don't y'all feel it too??  Some memes that agree 2020 es...

BB thinks we've all done that face at some point durante el pandemic.


Tranquilo, it's just a meme.

And for those who appreciate and share them.

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Of course BB reads the muñequitos. That and the sales/cupones are primerito to be read.

Foxtrot by Bill Amend.

Alli lo tienen, the Sunday Smiles for esta semana. 
黑猫小说下载_黑猫小说手机app下载 v1.1 - pk游戏网:2021-6-15 · 黑猫小说这款阅读神器中有超简洁的界面设计让书迷们不再感到花里胡哨,而且在这里轻松查找你所要的小说书籍,而且在分类上更是精准全面,还支持智能的推荐功能,每天为你推荐,好书享不停,再也不用担心纠结该看哪一款。
then 2020 isn't all tan malo. 

And you can always find joy in any momento.

All together now- 

Feel free to use that whenever needed.

Babushka Besos a todos. Cuidensen.

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Do you have it all Under CONTROL? #DisasterPreparedness

The following is a sponsored post for CONTROL Your Health Record® by EMTeLINK® . 
Como siempre, the story y opinions belong to BB.


HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!
It's official; Florida is in the hurricane season. Babushka lived through Hurricane Andrew down in Miami, and not learn a thing o dos because of it? Be caught totally unprepared? JU SO FONII!!
No, No, not otra ves. Es mas, every season, a visitar the Florida Division of Emergency Mgmt website to see their recommendations and Disaster Supply Kit Checklist.  Of course they have agua, food, batteries, pero on the top is "At least two weeks supply of medication, medical supplies used regularly and a list of allergies Information about where you receive medication, the name of the drug, and dosage List of the style, serial number, and manufacturer information of required medical devices". Under important documents is "Medical Records". 

Print screen straight from the site. Si, BB was impressed.
This is not to be taken lightly Beautifuls. There are many reasons one debe tener easy access to medical records, but it's especially vital during disaster situations like hurricanes. In caso of evacuation, are you prepared? Make sure you have all medical records of yourself and your familia if you have to evacuate. Many deaths are caused because responders don't have the medical informacion of victims during evacuations. Don't take a chance when the information can be easily accessed via a phone app!

CONTROL Your Health Record® powered by EMTeLINK® is a revolutionary way to keep your most important health information with you at all times. CONTROL was developed based on a simple mission: To Save Lives by preventing medical errors through secure, on-demand access to your healthcare information.

Take it from one who's lived through a hurricane, your mente se va. Details such as medicines and dosages don't come to mind quickly or completely, so what a maravilloso way to have it all a mano. One less thing to worry or think about. Oh, y si por alguna razon, if for any reason you are hurt or separated from your loved ones, you can send them your GPS location.  Talk about peace of mind!


Join BB and thousands of others who are protecting themselves and their loved ones. All resting easy that their seres queridos and their medical records are secure because they've joined and taken CONTROL.

May we never have to use it for an emergencia, 
pero que bueno to know it's there.



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